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We "MINAMI" start newly as a business company toward the leading company of Printing Technology. With this, we succeed to a technique of former Minami.

Our business strategy is three of the next. We accomplish the establishment of management base and development of the business.

ƒThree business strategies„
@The first is Printer for SMT market
@The second is Printer with ball placer for SEMI market
@The third is EMS subcontract (SMT) service

In addition, from the point of view of customer satisfaction, we succeed the maintenance support of the former Minami machines.Finally, we will continually improve ourselves to ensure that MINAMI is a company that our customers, business partners and our employees can take great pride in.

Thank you for your support.

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We create value to help the society by a technique and faith. And we contribute to the development to the rich future.

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We perform continuous improvement and aim at the sustainable management for both improvement of the customer satisfaction and development of the symbiosis with the global environment and creative technique.

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1. We contribute to the development of the company and social development with reliable quality and trust in response to our customers' needs.

2. Along our management philosophy and quality idea, we provide a product and service to obtain the best customer satisfaction and relief with the quality first.

3. We secure the quality requested by our customers by means of stipulation, practice and continuation of quality management system.

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Company Name MINAMI Co., Ltd.
Headquarter 38-32, 5-chome, Minami-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo
President Yoshiaki Yukimori
Established August, 2012
Capital 97,000,000 JPY
Employees 48 (as of January,2017)
Business Segment Development, production, sales and maintenance support of a screen printer and the product concerned , and EMS subcontract (SMT) service
Acquisition authentication Authentication standard ISO 9001: 2015
Name of certified company Minami Co., Ltd.
Certification registration date May 22, 2018
*Certification of ISO9001(head office factory)

Authentication standard ISO 9001: 2015
ISO14001: 2015
Name of certified company Minami Co., Ltd. Tsukuba Plant Certification registration date May 1, 2013
*Certification of ISO 9001: 2015
*Certification of ISO14001: 2015
Headquarter Plant Printing Technology business section, Management section, Sales and Support section
38-32, 5-chome, Minami-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo
183-0026 Japan
Tsukuba Plant EMS subcontract (SMT) service
5445-9,O-aza Ami, Ami-machi, Inashiki-gun, Ibaraki, 300-0331 Japan

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