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Solder bump printing onto WLCSP(Wafer level CSP)【Pattented】
Introduction of a package processing technology where solder bumps are printed on wafer level CSP

Void-less Reflow【Pattented】
Introduction of a technology which reduces the voids generated by heating and cooling

Ball Placer
A unique ball supply method, which does not damage the solder balls, is employed. Accuracy and tact time are substantially improved by the new round shaped ball placing head.

Multi Alignment
Introduction of a technology by which simultaneous printing on multiple substrates is accomplished by a multiple substrates simultaneous positioning vision system.

Two stage solder thickness【Pattented】
Introduction of a technology whereby the solder paste is printed in two staged thickness for micro size parts and standard size parts

Rotary Squeegee【Pattented】
Introduction of a sealed type squeegee for solder paste printing

Pressurized printing system【Pattented】
Introduction of a pressurized printing system for improved mask separation

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