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Privacy Policy

Minami may ask the customer to provide personal information occasionally in connection with offering of a product or service to the customer by Minami. Minami is fully aware of the importance of the customer's personal information protection, and Minami believes that healthy relationship with a customer cannot be established without protection of the customer's personal information. In order to build up even stronger relationship of trust with our customers, we hereby publish our company policy regarding privacy.

1.At Minami, customer's personal information will not be used for purposes other than the following.
@To inform the customer on our products and services and on various events and campaign to be held by Minami.
ATo inform the customer on periodical inspection, etc. of Minami products.
BTo send out questionnaire to customers related to product development or to the study for improved customer satisfaction level.
CFor activities related to credit judgment and credit management
DTo provide the information to our group companies, our distributors or our partner companies for the purpose of responding to the customer's inquiry or providing prompt service. (However, providing the information to third parties will be stopped if so requested by the customer.)
EFor other purpose of use clearly explained when obtaining the customer's personal information.

2.Minami will not provide the customer's personal information to any third party without any reasonable cause. It should be noted however, that in case the customer or the customer's guarantor is applicable to the following case, the customer's personal information may be used commonly with our partner companies as reference information for the credit judgment or for the business transaction after concluding a contract.
@In case of delay in payment by the customer for certain reason of the customer in individual business dealing with Minami.
AIn case a draft or a check issued by the customer in favor of Minami is dishonored or the payment is stopped by the customer's banker.
BIn case the customer requests Minami for a delay of payment partially or in full amount and Minami accepts such request.
CIn case the customer applies for bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation proceeding, company liquidation or special clearance, or cancellation of business license by the governing legal authority.The shared information shall be limited to the address, the name, the date of birth, the telephone number, place of work and the date of the contract in question, name of commodity, amount of contract, number of payments, contract balance, status of monthly payment etc. Minami shall be responsible for control of the customer's personal information to be shared among the partner companies.

3.Minami shall make efforts for the control of the personal information in the following manner.
@Minami shall comply with the laws of Japan and other regulations regarding the handling of the customer's personal information.
AMinami shall conduct audit periodically for the handling of personal information and make efforts for continuous improvement.
BMinami shall take appropriate safety measures to prevent illegal access to personal information, loss, destruction, alteration or leakage of personal information.

4.In case the customer requests for disclosure, correction, addition or deletion, stop using or stop deletion or provision of the customer's own personal information held by Minami according to the procedures established by Minami, please contact the following.

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